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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

About a Gigantic Idol - 111 Ft. Ganesha in Gajuwaka

An 111 feet tall Ganesha idol has been erected in Gajuwaka,approximately 15 km to the south of Visakhapatnam City in the state of Andhra Pradesh (India). It scales as the tallest Ganesha Idol that has been ever built.  The 111-feet idol, on VUDA Double Road of Old Gajuwaka, shows Ganesha in the Vishnu pose carrying the Shanku, Chakra and Gadha.

As per further reports the 82 feet ganesh, with the support of NRI's, is set to receive a record busting gigantic 8,000 kg laddu. According to laddu makers this laddu cost them 16.5 lac rupees; about 2900 kg sugar, 2300kg tur dal, 1100kg ghee, 800kg dry fruits, and 40kg cardamom were used to prepare this ladoo in about 6 hours.

The Disclaimer Statement

Although the efforts and investment towards making of the idol and the gigantic ladoo are commendable, yet in our views Ganesha would had been more glad if this effort and investment would had been used for a noble cause. With 16.5 lacs one may have repaid debts of quite a many farmers who are committing suicides, or it may have been used to feed many hungry children across the year. It may as well be that - we do not fully understand the reasoning behind such splurge, but we simply believe that service to mankind is the best possible service that one can ever offer to god.

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