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Friday, September 18, 2015

Ganesha: The Lord of Creativity (Part - 1)

Contributed by Hemal

Lord Ganesha has always inspired a surge of creativity and is a favorite god of artists.

Ganesha says: Constraints are our friends!

Constraints put us in a new frame of mind. If everything goes smoothly, no one is thinking about new solutions.

When Ganesha was challenged to go around the world he was confronted with some of his biggest constraints -

  1. The lord himself is not athletic.
  2. He rides a mouse which can’t run fast.

So, Ganesha created the creative advantage. Ganesha used the principle of redefining the problem; he reinterpreted the given situation and simply circled around his parents by saying - "To me, my parents are my world". And, eventually he won the challenge.

Whenever you feel the odds are overwhelmingly against you, remember Ganesha.

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