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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Need of the Hour: Eco Friendly Ganesha

It is almost that time of the year again.... The time when our hearts are filled with immense joy and adulation as we bid adieu to our beloved lord Ganesha; and then our nearby water bodies are filled with the idols, polluting them with idols which often take many years to degenerate.

Over the years, clay idols have been replaced by Plaster-Of-Paris idols, which are made visually attractive by smearing chemicals and synthetic paints on them.  These idols do not dissolve in water easily, and even reduce the oxygen level in water - killing fishes and damaging the aquatic eco-system of the water bodies.

One of our group members - Dipti, has taken the a step forward in proving and promoting the usage and environmental impact of eco friendly Ganesha idols. The year she brought an eco friendly Ganesha idol for her family too, and after it's visarjan in a water tub she watered the plants with the same water.

With her action, which spoke louder than her words; she has inspired many around her to respect the nature whilst performing the usual religious rituals.

The Ganesha Idol at Dipti's House

The Ganesha Idol gets Completely Dissolved in Water in 30 Minutes.

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